Launched in 2020,IZNAN is an online shopping marketplace in Bangladesh. IZNAN has 5,000 sellers and 100 brands and serves 1 million consumers across the country.

IZNAN has more than 1 million products to offers, growing at a fast pace. IZNAN offers diverse store-house in categories ranging from consumer electronics to household goods, beauty products, fashion and groceries.

IZNAN is focused on providing an excellent customer experience ,ease of purchase and trouble-free shopping and returns experience.


We know about our priorities & when we do something, we do it with full focus & perseverance.


We work as a team and grow as a team. The goal of our team is to make ordinary people to achieve extra-ordinary things.

Customer commitment

We believe in giving the best things to our customers, sellers and society. We treat our customers with full respect.Accept changesWe accept and embrace changes. To us, change is growth & growth is what drives us everyday.

Our promises

We offer million of products at a great value to our customers. We provide great value by offering best prices on all our products. We aim to satisfy our customers with fast delivery and easy purchasing system. We provide full protection for your purchase from click to delivery.

Empowering sellers

IZNAN puts full focus on empowering it’s sellers because they are the backbone of our marketplace. With our system we provide unique level of control & ownership to our sellers so they can manage their business effectively and efficiently.

We are proud of the success stories that have emerged from our marketplace in the past & actively look forward to welcoming something new in future.